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Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Sid Wayne / Ben Weisman / Dolores Fuller Elvis Presley Lyrics

When her motor's warm, and she's purrin' sweet
Buddy let me warn ya', you're on a one-way street
She'll crowd ya' close, spin your wheels
Then you're gonna know how it feels
To spinout..spinout

Better watch those curves, never let her steer
If she can shake your nerves..boy
She can strip your gears
She'll get your heart, goin' fast
Then she'll let you run out of gas
So spinout...spinout

The road to love is full of, danger signs
Too many guys were lost
Who crossed those double lines

Doncha know she's out to prove, she can really score
Never saw parts move, boy
Like that before
To flag you down, that's her goal
Scoot before you lose control
And spinout...spinout!!

Recorded: 1966/02/17, first released on Spinout

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February 16, 1966 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Smorgasbord TPA3 5312-07
Stop Look And Listen TPA3 5305-SP
Am I Ready TPA3 5309-07
Beach Shack TPA3 5310-04

February 17, 1966 Radio Recorders - Hollywood, California

Never Say Yes TPA3 5308-SP
Spinout TPA3 5311-05
All That I Am TPA3 5307-05
Adam And Evil TPA3 5306-20
I'll Be Back TPA3 5313-01

June 14, 1966 MGM Sound Stage - Hollywood, California

All That I Am (Overdub) ____-NA

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Spinout / Elvis Presley FTD CD

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