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Don't Be Cruel

You know I can be found,
sitting home all alone,
If you can't come around,
at least please telephone.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.

Baby, if I made you mad
for something I might have said,
Please, let's forget the past,
the future looks bright ahead,
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
I don't want no other love,
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.

Don't stop thinking of me,
don't make me feel this way,
Come on over here and love me,
you know what I want you to say.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
Why should we be apart?
I really love you baby, cross my heart.

Let's walk up to the preacher
and let us say I do,
Then you'll know you'll have me,
and I'll know that I'll have you,
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
I don't want no other love,
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.

Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.
I don't want no other love,
Baby it's just you I'm thinking of

July 2 1956 RCA Studio's - New York

Hound Dog G2WB 5935-31
Don't Be Cruel G2WB 5936-28
Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) G2WB 5937-12

July 3,, In the morning, Elvis repaired to Penn Station to start a 27-hour train ride home to Memphis.

At Penn Station he ran into fellow singer Gene Vincent.

Elvis - Russwood Stadium - July 4, 1956
Elvis - Russwood Stadium - July 4, 1956

July 4, Upon arriving in memphis, Elvis disembarks at a small signal stop called White Station and walks home to Audubon Drive, arriving just as a new swimming pool is being filled. He spends the afternoon with his family and a Memphis girlfriend, Barbara Hearn. Elvis performs a charity concert at Memphis' Russwood Park Elvis Presley Photos, in the evening, where he told the crowd',You know those people in New York are not going to change me none.

I'm gonna show you what the real Elvis like tonight'.

4 July. Memphis, TN. Russwood Park Elvis Presley Photos

July 5, Elvis begins the first real vacation that he has had since gaining national recognition.

July 6, Elvis Presley Photos Elvis visitied 12 year old Ellen Mincey at St. Joseph's Hospital in Memphis.

She and her mother were injured in an auto acident the previous day, as they returned home from a picnic to get ready to attend Elvis' performance at Elvis Presley Photos Russwood Baseball Park.

July 9, Elvis showed up unexpectedly at June Juanico's house in Biloxi.

Elvis' presence in Biloxi fuels escalating rumors that he is engaged to June. June Juanico is a girl Elvis met just one year ago in Biloxi, Mississippi. Elvis spends much of the next three weeks in Biloxi.

Moving initially into a villa at the Gulf Hills Dude Ranch resort Elvis Presley Photos, then into a private home nearby, after his car is scratched and covered with messages by fans in the Sun 'N' Sand parking lot.

July 10, Elvis' presence in Biloxi fuels escalating rumours that he is enganged to June.

After hearing the rumours articulated on a New Orleans radio station, he and June drive to New Orleans with the rest of the gang to dispel it, then visit the Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park before heading back to Biloxi. Following is an interview with Jim Steward in New Orleans. Elvis talks about the bad publicity after The Milton Berle Show Elvis Presley Video New page link. Talks about not having yet recorded 'Hound Dog' and meeting Gene Vincent.

July 12, Elvis, June and the guys go deep-sea fishing on thye Aunt Jennie with June's mother, May, and her boyfriend Eddie Bellman. They have so much fun that Elvis calls his parents and invites them to come down and join him. Vernon and Gladys Presley arrive in Biloxi on the 13th. Gladys reports to Elvis that the Sun 'N' Sand parking lot is filled with fans who think he has returned to the hotel, not realising that the pink-and-white Cadillac is hers. The following day Elvis takes his parents deep-sea fishing.

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