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Five Sleepy Heads

Elvis Presley Lyrics Words & Music by Sid Tepper / Roy C. Bennett Elvis Presley Lyrics

There were five sleepyheads
All tucked into their beds
While I sang a lullaby
One got dream dust in her eye

There were four sleepyheads
Playing possum with me
Mr. Sandman came by
And then there were three

Moonbeams play peek-a-boo
Three away became two
And my song was almost done
When the land of Nod took one

Kissed the last one goodnight
Then I heard not a peep
There were five sleepyheads
Now they're all fast asleep

Recorded: 1967/06/20, first released on Speedway

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June 20, 1967 MGM Sound Stage - Hollywood, California

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